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The resources below will be updated frequently as new needs arise, and new resources become available. If you have information or resources to share, please email info@kotgfamily.org to have links added to this list.

Jump Start Finance

Jump Start Finance offers a line of credit dedicated to paying for childcare costs. With monthly payment options as low as 40% of your monthly tuition, Jump Start Finance can help your family stay on top of childcare costs during difficult times. Use the link above to apply on their site, or live chat with one of their friendly and knowledgable team members 

San Diego COVID-19 Children’s Fund

From organization website: “The San Diego COVID-19 Children’s Fund supports childcare, food assistance, and equitable distance learning during these unprecedented times.”

United Way of San Diego Worker Assistance Initiative

From the United Way of San Diego website: During our 100-year history, we have always been here for those who need additional support, and the current health crisis of COVID-19 is no different. We are hosting the San Diego Worker Assistance Initiative as part of the greater San Diego COVID-19 Community Response Fund, to provide flexible resources to individuals impacted by layoffs and reduced working hours implemented by employers. We plan to support our community in response to crisis situations and emergencies now and in the future.

California WIC Association

From the CA WIC Association website: State WIC programs and USDA are working quickly to make adjustments to enable families to continue to receive WIC benefits, even more critical due to the impact of COVID-19. Local agencies are working with their local organization’s response to COVID-19 and also being mindful of staff wellness.

The WIC website includes links to food banks, a mobile app that helps families find meals during school closures, employment resources and more.

EDD OF California

If you have had your hours reduced or lost your job due to the COVID-19 crisis, you may qualify for unemployment benefits.

California Association of Food Banks

Enter your zip code to find a food bank near you.