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COVID-19 Resources

During this time of crisis, we know many of you are quickly remembering why it is you don’t homeschool! Though schools are beginning to provide more structure and a new “normal” is taking shape, this is still all new to every one of us. We hope these resources will help provide some support, education, and physical activities for your children during this time.

In addition, many families are without work or are experiencing a decrease in income at this time. We want to make sure our community is able to access all the help they need, and have compiled resources to help parents as well.

Please use our drop down menu on the navigation bar to find resources for online learning as well as resources to help your family secure food, finances and more during this confusing time.

*We will be updating these lists frequently, as new resources become available. If you have a resource to share, please email info@kotgfamily.org

Our community is stronger together, so don’t hesitate to email with a need you have or a resource you’d like to share!